Terms & Conditions

Rates include:

Rates DO NOT include:


1) Rental Rates and Rental Extension / Excess Hours
Prices are subject to change without prior notice in the event of unforeseen circumstances such as increase in transport and maintenance costs, tax, etc.
Should the Hirer intend to extend the rental beyond the original confirmed date, Hirer must inform KLezcar for further action.

2) Non-smoking Vehicle
Hirer and all passengers shall not smoke while using vehicles rented from KLezcar/Owner. A sum of RM200 shall apply to remove the cigarettes odors and disinfect the interior of the vehicles.

3) Driving License - Minimum and Maximum Age
The Hirer must be in possession of a valid driving license held for at least two (2) years.

4) Damage and Other Charges
The Hirer accepts responsibility to repair and change to new original parts at current market price plus labors on items that are damaged, lost or stolen during the period of Hire. As such, hirer's deposit shall be forfeited. The possibility of such incident would be as follows:-

- Scratches on car body which have to be re-painted
- Minor or major damaged on all front & rear lamps
- Broken / smash windshield, window glass & wiper
- Damaged on car seats (eg. Cigarettes burn marks, stains, etc.)
- Fender & bumper bent or fall out
- Any missing & damage items relating to the car

Hirer must always make sure the vehicle's water temperature is always at normal level. Should hirer encounter water heating or temperature rise, stop the car immediately at a safe area and contact our respond team. For long distance drive, hirer must regularly check the water level and add on water if needed and engine oil of the rented vehicle.

In the case of major damaged happen to KLezcar/owner's car(s) that require KLezcar/owner to claim compensation from Insurance Company, then the time spend on claiming from the Insurance company and sending for repairing would have resulted losses to KLezcar/owner.

In such incident, no replacement of car by KLezcar/Owner is required and hirer is liable to pay the excess fees. Hirer's deposit with balance of hire rates (if any) paid to KLezcar/owner shall be forfeited.

5) Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)
Collision Damage Waiver is provided to Hirer to reduce the excess liability to minimal. For example, should Hirer intentionally or unintentionally causes damage to KLezcar/Owner's vehicle, hirer is liable to pay the excess which can be reduced as per detailed below:-

Vehicle Group

Below 2000cc

At 2000cc

Above 2000cc

Luxury Class-At 2000cc

Luxury Class-Above 2000cc

Excess Liability






CDW Fee Rm

13% per day rental

13% per day rental

13% per day rental

13% per day rental

13% per day rental

Reduced Excess Amount

RM1,000 per accident

RM2,000 per accident

RM3,000 per accident

RM5,000 per accident

RM10,000 per accident

CDW will only be effective subject to availability of a police report within 24 hours from the time of accident. Acceptance of CDW does not cover the Reduced Excess Amount indicated above which shall be the responsibility of Hirer. CDW coverage does not cover missing items or accessories or damages on the under carriage and upper carriage of our vehicle, caused by negligent driving as stipulated in our terms and conditions of our rental agreement.




(Non-Waiverable Excess)


(Reduced Excess Amount)

below 2000cc



at 2000cc



Above 2000



Luxury Class - At 2000



Luxury Class - Above 2000



6) Collection and Delivery
For delivery or collection within different branches per way may be imposed, depending on distance, accessibility of the destination and time of day. A sum of RM100.00 will be levied for check out and collection of vehicles, after business hours, inclusive of Sundays and Public Holidays.

7) Submission of Hirer's Particulars to Authority
Hirers gave permission to KLezcar/Owner to submit their personal and company particulars to the Authority involved if found or suspected of conducting illegal trade, breach/violate the Government rules & regulations.

8) Travel Insurance
We strongly recommend that hirer purchase a personal travel insurance policy prior to the commencement of holiday. The Company shall not be responsible for any losses or damages as a result of trip cancellation, personal baggage, personal accident, injury or illness.

9) Accident and Emergency Service
In case of accidents involving the vehicle, the Hirer shall:
i) Obtain the names, identity card numbers, addresses and driving license numbers of the parties involved and of the witnesses.
ii) Notify KLezcar/Owner immediately and completing forthwith KLezcar/Owner's Accident Report Form and complying with all requests of KLezcar/Owner to provide assistance in any litigation or investigation relating to such damage or accident.
iii) Notify the police or relevant authorities within twenty-four (24) hours from the time of occurrence of the accident and shall supply such information, drawings and assistance in connection with the accidents as the police may require.
iv) In any emergency situation, such as breakdown, KLezcar has its own appointed towing company. Hirer may contact KLezcar respective branch number or our Hotline number at 1300 88 4040 (24 hours including public holidays)for further advice.

10) Petrol, Parking, Toll and Traffic Fines
Petrol, parking, toll fees, traffic fines and miscellaneous charges are the responsibilities of the hirer. An additional RM50.00 administration fees will be charged to the hirer above any traffic fine for any violation arising from hirer's use of the vehicle.

11) Reposition of Service
Should hirer wishes to pick up or drop off a vehicle outside Kuala Lumpur or Klang Valley or any branch of KLezcar, a repositioning service is available for rental of 3 days or longer. A guide to one-way rate is as low as RM25.00 and maximum RM300.00 of extra charge that will be imposed.

12) Methods of Payment

Methods of payment accepted are credit card (MasterCard/Visa) with a 3% surcharge, telegraphic transfer, cash deposit ,cash on delivery,e-wallet and online banking. Whatever the method of payment, funds must be cleared in our account by the payment deadline.

For credit card payments made online, we reserve the right to require a Letter of Authorization to verify legitimate use of the card.

13) Rental Alternatives / Cancellation
KLezcar reserves the right to cancel any rental prior to commencement for any reason whatsoever. The company may, if it so chooses, recommend an alternative vehicle to hirer, preferably of the same category. Should hirer decide not to accept the alternative, all monies paid by hirer will be refunded in full without further obligation or liability on the part of The Company.

14) Restriction Area & Road

All KLezcar vehicles are not allowed to be driven in Singapore and Thailand. KLezcar vehicles are not for use in off-roads, unsealed or unmade roads or surfaces.

15) Standard Rental Qualification

KLezcar reserves the right to refuse any rental, at their discretion, or should the Hirer not meet with the standard terms and conditions of rental.


16) Vehicle Make and Model

Vehicle makes and models are correct at the time of printing. Bookings will be confirmed by car group and make/model. All vehicles will be less than 48 months old.


17) Extension of Rental / Excess Hours

Should the Hirer intend to extend the rental beyond the original confirmed date, Hirer must inform KLezcar Office so as to extend the insurance coverage.


Rental rates are calculated on a 24 hour basis and should a rental exceed the agreed duration, for each completed hour, a charge is levied based on 1/5 of the daily rental rate.


18) Deposit and Payment

A sum amount of refundable deposit is required upon picking up the car and the amount is varies depending on the car selection. Klezcar respective branch will notify customer regarding the amount of deposit needed after the booking has successfully been made. A full payment of rental is required upon commencement of rental. Failure to comply with this may result in an automatic cancellation of your reservation.


19) Rental Rates

Prices are subject to change without prior notice in the event of unforeseen circumstances such as increase in airfares, other transport costs, government tax, etc.


Refuelling Service
As well as the petrol costs, a refueling service charge of RM 10.00 will be levied if the vehicle is returned with less petrol than when it was rented out.


20) Rental Cancellation

KLezcar Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd (herewith known as KLezcar), reserves the right to cancel any rental prior to commencement for any reason whatsoever. KLezcar may, if it so chooses, recommend an alternative vehicle to you, preferably of the same category. Should you decide not to accept the alternative, all monies paid by you will be refunded in full without further obligation or liability on the part of KLezcar.


Cancellation Fee

In the event of any cancellation, the following fees will be applicable:

21 or more days prior to commencement 30% of total cost

14 - 20 days prior to commencement 50% of total cost

13 - 7 days prior to commencement 75% of total cost

Less than 7 days prior to commencement 100%

Currency exchange fluctuations, bank charges, etc. will be deducted from any refund made, and a 3% credit card processing fee will be deducted for any refund made to the client's credit card.


21) Administrative / Amendments Fee

An administrative fee of RM200 (or equivalent) will be charged for any amendment after documents are processed, and RM 100 after reservation has been acted upon.


22) Other

Customers are prohibited from bringing pets, bring durian, drinking alcohol and doing indecent things while using KLEZCAR vehicle.


23) Refund payment

For all refund process, payment will be made within 90 calendar days.


24) Cleanliness

We give the car in good condition and clean from any forbidden items, and the customer must make sure the car is return with same condition as given.  A fees of RM50.00 will be imposed for cars returned in a dirty condition.


25) Repossession of the Vehicle

25.1 Failure to Return Vehicle
The Company may take any lawful actions necessary for the re-acquisition or re-possession of the Vehicle if the Hirer does not return the Vehicle to the Designated Location within 3 hours from the end of the Rental Period or extended Rental Period, or the Hirer receiving a return request from the Company.   The Company reserves the right to contact or track the location of the Hirer who fails to return the Vehicle by whatever means necessary, including via the location tracker in the Vehicle, for the purposes of ascertaining the location of the Vehicle. The Company may also visit residential or office address of the Hirer who fails to return the Vehicle. The Company may take other necessary measures such as reporting the Vehicle as stolen to the police if the Company is unable to reach the Hirer and/or the Hirer refuses or fails to return the Vehicle within 48 hours from the end of the Rental Period, and the Company may immediately commence legal action to recover its costs and losses against the Member.

Charge will be imposed for repossession RM150.
Loss of keys will be charged RM400.00

25.2 Lost and Found

The Company does not operate the lost-and-found item within the Company nor take any necessary steps to keep any found items in a returned Vehicle, which the Company may dispose of the items in a manner the Company deems fit.
It is recommended that the Hirer take the effort to check and keep all personal belongings before returning the Vehicle.
For the avoidance of doubt, the Company shall not be responsible for any lost or damaged personal items of the Hirer suffered prior, while using or after using the vehicle.


26) Blacklisting Hirer

Company has the right to blacklist Hirer who are not following our service regulations and against national law such as :

1. Summon Debt
2. Criminal Record
3. Rental Debt

Company will take action with or without notice to blacklist and proceed for CTOS with immediate effect. Any blacklisted Hirer will be charged 30% or RM150 from the debt amount (whichever is higher).

Note: All prices are quoted in Ringgit Malaysia (RM)